Make it a double, darlin’.

Thelma and Louise Alternative Ending
Thelma and Louise Alternative Ending

Thelma & Louise 2:  The Lost Sequel. My version, Red Bull style:

MUSIC:  Slow, twangy, blues in the background.

SCENE:  The Edge of the Grand Canyon, in all its vastness. There is a ring of police cars, with sirens blinking, surrounding a T Bird in the foreground. Cut to the close-up of the police helicopter flying up, in front of, and over the ladies in the car.

THELMA:  Let’s not get caught.

LOUISE:  What are you talkin’ about?

THELMA:  Let’s keep going.

LOUISE:  What’dya mean?

THELMA: (gestures towards Grand Canyon)  You got way too many speedin’ tickets, Louise.

LOUISE:  I’ll drink to that!  But you sure?

THELMA:  Yeah–let’s have 1 for the road.

Thelma hands Louise a Red Bull, they guzzle their cans, hold hands in the air, and floor it. A cloud of dust trails behind the tail lights of the T Bird. The camera shows a close-up of the famous back seat Polaroid photo of the gals, along with their crumpled, yet refreshing cans of RED BULL, as the photo and the two empty cans fly away. As the car enters the belly of the Grand Canyon, the good ole gals sprout wings and fly out, safe and sound.

LOUISE:  Dang, Thelma, there goes my deductible.



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